Sep 24, 2008

F.I.S.H. volume 1 is out!!!

Finally, my sweat and tear is paid off when I look at my first self-publish comic book, which is also on sale at I'd like to take this opportunity to thank a lot of people who involved in making this book comes to reality.

First of all, Chuladid, a friend of mine whom took care of most the ordering and shipping the book to me. It was completely new to both of us to ship something oversea and even to go through all the custom paperworks just to get them out safely. Second, Itemstudio forum, where I found my co-artist on the book. Originally, out of simplification, I wanted to do this book by myself as a whole, but after I went to the board and found a lot of talents are being developed there, I decide to hand them over. It would be my first time to hand my baby oversea to get them done at first but after a few testing, I was very comfortable at the artworks that were made for me. So thank you Itemstudio forum for being a nurture land for a lot of new artists.

The forum community over there is very small--I sometimes think they all know each I believe in the future more of them will realise that there are bigger markets outside their country and join me to produce more comics for Western/European market. Lastly, the co-artist herself, Paeng Thitaya, I'd say she did at least 95% of all the final works. She has the best attitude to work with and always want to push her own limit, which I believe that's the best quality any artist would want to have.

We worked on this project for over 18 months (the whole process took over 2 years) and she has never complained once...well maybe I wasn't listening to her. Anyway, I can't thank her enough for her contribution and the opportunity to work with her. She is so inspired to push her own limit that she came to San Francisco to pursue further education.

F.I.S.H. is an accronyme for Furtive Intelligent System of Havoc. The story of F.I.S.H. is about a lost robot in a jungle where he encounters other species on a daily basis in order to find out more about himself. The comic has no dialogs at all (well...only on the first page)...thus you dont need to know a written language to understand our story. We have a way of telling its story via actions and camera angles. In fact, you dont even need to know the first page to understand the whole story. We never know if this book will succeed or fail until we try and give out our best. However, we'll continue to make the 2nd book, 3rd, 4th and so on as long as we have enough support to move forward...that's its up to you to continue the story. We are looking forward to get your feedback so please feel free to stop by our forum or leave your comment on the blog. Anything type of feedbacks are appreciated!! Let us know how we can improve!!

Jeep Naarkom
F.I.S.H. creator.