Nov 30, 2010

fufoon 2d anim test

This is a test I did with the free anim software called Pencil.

Nov 29, 2010

Nov 15, 2010

volumetric study

30 mins, w/ photo reference


trying a new brush. Turned out, I could get even rougher texture...i'm loving it. 35mins

Nov 12, 2010

Husky (with IP steps)

Polar Bear the Aeng+

I got a few request to see how I speedpaint.

So here's the step 1 of 3 of my painting, this is how I sketched out the value first.

step 2: intensify the value, broaden the contrast range and pull out more detail out of the painting. I like to keep it loose so you wont see hard drawing line from me for the speedpaint. (this is a new technique that i just adapted to) And dont forget the highlights...its very important to control the volume of the subject.

step3: adding shadow with temperature and put out more detail. You shouldn't introduce a new color to the palette at this point, if you do..just remember to control it overall. Final, I like to keep it loose..

Coconut series

monkey: 50 mins
Coconut: 30 mins

New concept for NAS

All rights reserved (c) Jeep Naarkom 2010

Blue/white study

10 mins speed paint

Nov 9, 2010


quick study that turned out to be not-so-quick 60 mins.

Hoj the dog.

I had a good reference to start with..nice and simple 20 mins

speedpaint study

I'm surprise that I could get this done faster than I thought. 35 mins.

Nov 7, 2010

Nov 6, 2010

babyface study

Baby color palette is very difficult to get.