Mar 18, 2009

Making of "F.I.S.H." maquette (tutorial) #2

So to continue what I had talked about the putty, this is what it looks like with the putty to keep the skeleton in place and sturdy enough. At this point, you want to cover all the joints and screws (base). However, make sure the putty arent too thick for the model since you might not have enough rooms to work on your sculpey.

Then I wrapped around with foil. The more foil you use, the less sculpey you use, but then make sure you have enough sculpey to cover all the foil. Keep in mind, if the piece is too thin, it might burn easily when you bake it.

Once I have the foil in place, I put sculpey over it as my first coat. This is just to get the general mass/overall shape of the model, which later you can carve it out using a finer tool.

I'm starting to shape the form more and more. Dont be afraid to push and pull your model if it doesn't get to the shape you want. I'm not saying you should repose your wire, because it'll be impossible at this point with the putty, so plan ahead and check with your drawing often. The push and pull is; however, for the sculpey part. Once you satisfy with the general mass, you can go over with finer tool for detail work and to smooth the surface a bit more.

Mar 13, 2009

Making of "F.I.S.H." maquette (tutorial)

After overwhelming support at the wonderCon, I decided to work on a toy prototype to keep up the hype. . I'd like to thanks all the supports and everyone who bought the books from us. Currently, we are working hard on vol. 2 of the comic, so please look us up in the future. About the toy idea, hopefully there will be enough demand to produce the first batch since it can be very pricey. To keep it short, I'd like to show the process of making my maquette from preparation to finish. Please feel free to leave any comments as usual!

The equipments I started with are a piece of wood from Home Depot, armature wires 2 sizes, drill to fasten the wire to the base, and super sculpey mixed with a few bars of sculpey to get the desired color, because he's a robot and I didn't want to have the base color similar to skin.

I drilled the board with some screws to lock the wire on the base as a foundation.

Once I had the foundation, I made sure I built the wire from the bottom up then added the smaller size to hold the clay in place. Before I could start I'll need to lock those wire together though.

I use household putty, same as the one they use for plumbing/electrity. I just added a small amount to hold the 2 wires in place and wait about an hour or two. the putty dried out very fast, but I just wanted to make sure it did, since usually I am not very careful with the process of sculpting that much.

This is what the putty looks like..just cut a little piece and mix the 2 colors with hand. I recommend using a glove though since they are very stinky and can be poisonous.